Barcelona Art Tour

Do you like to discover more about art?

Become a professional artist for a day!

The tour covers the whole artistic stages of a contemporary professional artist: learning [visit the best Art Schools in Barcelona], production [visit the studios of well known artists based in Barcelona] and exhibition of their final works [visit the Galleries and Museums in Barcelona].

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Barcelona Art Experience

Do you like to draw portrait ?

On Saturday, Sábados de arte Session at MEAM (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern), from 5pm to 8pm, come and join us!!! 3 hours of live portrait drawing .We give you all the things you need to draw Barcelona Art Experience. All levels are welcome.

Barcelona Art Weekend

Do you like to draw ?

Immerse yourself in the artistic environment of Barcelona!

Visitors can get to know the beautiful city of Barcelona through the eyes of an artist. Get in contact with the local artists’ community, participate in workshops, visit exhibitions, etc.

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What to do in Barcelona?

Discover the best art place in the city with our Barcelona city guide!

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