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Barcelona Art Experience organizes drawing and painting sessions with live model in different locations.The idea arises from the need to share a space between artists, painters, artists and amateurs, taking as a reference the portrait and the human figure, creating a relaxed atmosphere and sharing the passion for art.
 Due to its complexity, the practice of live model, is an essential tool for the artist to express himself, through practice and understanding one can get rid of being a slave to the technique and find their own language.
 In the sessions, emphasis is placed on the experience of what is seen and lived, through the experimental study of the portrait or the human figure.
The objective is that each participant, through his own plastic style, can exercise the practice of drawing and painting observing the model live, each session being different from the previous one.The model can be professional or amateur, providing the personal touch of each individual to the session.



  • Hour:  16:30-19:30
  • Price:  15€
  • Host:  Jordi Beltrán
  • Phone: 646708935
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  • Museo MEAM
    carrer Barra de ferro 5